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Made In Ghana Bags by Emblish

EMBLISH is a registered business that deal in Hand made Beaded and Fabric Art and Craft Products, Training and Merchant Trading. We are specialized in Beaded Jewelries and Accessories, Bags, Purse, Slippers, Tissues Box Covers, Key Holders, Fruit Bowls, Flower Vase, Hand Embroidery, Fascinators, etc.

Key Holders by Emblish

 We buy and sell quality products of any kind including shoes, bags, purse, shirts, dress etc. We are also into training and developing skills for both male or female who are interested and passionate in learning and acquiring skills in this field of business.


Slippers by Emblish

To the youth, it is time we look into our education and careers very well. Aside education, I believe God has also endowed us with something bigger and greater called gifts and talents. That we need to identify and enhance in the cause of life’s journey so we don’t become disappointed when our education, economy or society fails to employ our educational services.


Designer Local Bags by Emblish

To the graduate unemployed, as the saying goes, “1000 miles begin with a step”. I believe it’s never too late to start doing something else aside educational career or profession. I always say that the top may seem to be crowded but there is definitely a sit there for anyone who perseveres and never gives up. They should identify what they are passionate about in terms of business, skill, talent, gifts etc, develop them by seeking the right training to enhance and improve so they can employ themselves and even get to employ others too.

There is a lot to be shared and discussed in matters like this I believe… We the youth have to start collaborating or joining forces together to help each other, because we all have different strength, abilities, gifts and talents that can complement each other in our fields of businesses

 At EMBLISH we design with passion, care and love, so if you think of anything beads, fabric etc.

 Look no further, we are always at your service.

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