Make time for yourself and relax your nerves – sandra sam tells career women


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A Ghanaian celebrity based in Italy has encouraged corporate men and women to plan their schedule and make time for their body for good health and fitness.

Sandra Sam, who is also known as Naana Maame Sam said this in an interview with journalists in Zanzibar Tanzania when she spent two days off her busy working schedules to celebrate her birthday.

According to her though this is not her first time celebrating her birthday outside Ghana or her current Residence in Italy, it’s important for everyone who can afford to go on vacations once a while and change the environment and atmosphere for a serene ambience that calms the nerves and energize one to perform well.

This will bring sound mind, strength and energy to concentrate on the future and plan judiciously for growth at the work place.

Sandra Sam who is also the Chief Executive Officer of 2S collection just acquired her first degree in Business Law from one of the universities in Italy.

Story by Bridget Owusu – Student of GIJ