Kidnapping, a fight we must win


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Fraud & Security Consultant, Richard Kumadoe with RICHQUEST CONSULT has called on government and stakeholders in the security sector to do everything possible in their might to ensure that the fight against kidnapping in Ghana is won.  According to the security expert, the frequent cases of kidnapping in the country has a serious repercussion with Ghana’s relationship with the international community since they have their nationals coming to Ghana and can affect the nation’s tourism perspectives.

There was a report of the Ghana Police Service on the 20th April, 2019 on a hunt for three persons believed to be Nigerians and residents of H/N/11/B, NTHC Estates, Vivian Farms, Lashibi in Accra who kidnapped the Lebanese Counselor General to Ghana. The 61-year-old Lebanese Consular General and Head of Mission of Estonia to Ghana, Hon Nabil Makram Basbous was on Thursday kidnapped while going for a morning walk.

The victim it is gathered lives at Labone near Wangara and that about 10 minutes into the walk, a white Hyundai Elantra private car with Registration GE 8922 – 17 pulled up in front of him.

Again, Global Affairs Canada is confirming reports that Canadian citizens have been kidnapped in Ghana and the Local media have reported that two women were abducted in Kumasi, a major city in central Ghana.

GAC did not confirm specifics or offer information about the number of people abducted, citing security concerns. Canadian officials are working with local authorities, and are in touch with the families of the individuals who were abducted, Global Affairs said.

These developments Mr Kumadoe believes will create fear and panic among the elitist and the diplomatic corps.


Among the many ugly birds that fly over our roofs in the middle of the night is one very ugly one called Kidnapping.

The sight of it creates fear and panic among the elitist and the diplomatic corps.

The scent of it creates running nose and jiggling stomach for the young girls and the security agencies.

This ugly bird must be tackled using a multi-pronged approach, if we so desire to kill it at once and win the fight in no time.

Considering the fact that it’s a relatively new phenomenon  that has found its way into Ghana, our systems and processes are struggling a bit to find a credible and workable way out of it and to address the stakeholders properly.

Kidnapping and Ransom Management is a special technique that requires confidence, objectivity and effectiveness.

Communication strategy and negotiation processes and structures must be apt and efficient.

Deployment of the frontline officers must be done with precision and accuracy, based on a workable and operational intelligence.

Tactical training and equipment must be taking above board, since the gangs involved in this crime are well educated, resourceful and have the capabilities to outwit and outrun any swift-footed and heavy-chested law enforcement officer.

As a nation, we must wake up to the realities of the presence of this ugly bird called Kidnapping and put in an efficient  national strategy to deal with it appropriately.  Otherwise, it will stay with us against our wills and wishes for far a bit longer.

The danger is that it will brand our nation badly, and eventually affect our diplomatic relations. The tourism industry will also suffer many hiccups to a large extent.

Together, we can help make Ghana our motherland safer and peaceful.

If you smell something ugly, see something ugly, and hear something ugly, report it as quickly as possible to the appropriate authorities.

God bless Ghana and God bless humanity.