I see industries, money, milk and honey flowing in Ghana – Otabil

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Pastor Mensa Otabil has asked Ghanaian Christians, especially those in his church, to be bubbly about Ghana’s prospects and speak positive things into the life of the nation rather than have a complaining and self-defeating attitude.

Teaching his International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) congregation about the power of God’s Word and how their own words can impact their lives, thus, the need to speak positive things into their lives even in the face or stark daunting realities, Pastor Otabil said just as God hears and answers to positive utterances of people, so does he also listen to negative and self-defeating words of people.

“Words can be self-defeating, you lose the battle with your words before the fight even begins”, the founder of ICGC said.

He, thus, urged Ghanaians to shun the spirit of complaint and rather speak good things into Ghana’s life.

“The spirit of complaint: ‘We’re not able’, ‘we can’t do it’; I’m here to declare: That Ghana is prosperous, that Ghana will make it, that the people of Ghana will prosper, the people of Ghana will be on top, I see millionaires, I see billionaires, I see businesses expanding, I see new doors opening to you, I see a flourishing economy, I see an abundant economy, I see money flowing in this country, I see industries flowing, I see tourism booming, I see God showing favour to this nation, that is my nation.