GRA Fire: Are Documents Destroy Ahead Of Election 2020 or….


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Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Head Quarters annex at Kwame Nkrumah Interchange was gutted by fire for over 4 hours, 9:30 am where it took Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) hours to bring the fire under control.

The over ten (10) fire tenders that came struggled for hours to douse the fire at the second and last floors where the fire was suspected to have consumed virtually everything which estimate could be closed to 2 million Cedis.

The huge crowd that converged at the scene, who were thinking aloud, alleging it could be the usual work of the politicians who set the fire ahead of 2020 elections to destroy documents that could indict them.

Meanwhile, others were also wondering what might have caused the strange fire again at this time when corruption has engulfed the country from the “presidency to the government appointees and get Presidential clearance from President Akufo-Addo to go unpunish”.

The sad crowd pitied the Auditor General, Daniel Yaw Domelevo who would rely on the documents from GRA to expose corrupt appointees and other government officials entrusted with State resources.

According to one of the chief Fire Officers, the fire could be caused by gadgets like fridges, air-conditioners, fans amongst others that were left on working since last Friday.

He also added there were combustion materials like plastics and plywoods used for partition to create various offices in the building.

The building has lots of computers in all the offices where the GRA personnel work with, including paper documents and they contributed to the degree of burnt.

The chief Fire Officer also told the media they could not get access to the building to reach the seat of the fire so they had to break through the windows to enable them to get inside to douse the fire. 

He added they would ascertain the cause of the fire after they were able to quench the stubborn fire.

By: Delali A. Awuyeh