Ghana Pharmacists Credit Union Aims At Full Fledged Fin. Inst.


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The Ghana Co-operative Pharmacists’ Credit Union Limited (GCPCUL) has promised members of becoming a fully fledged financial institution soon based on their current financial strength.

In an interview with National Tymes during the night of their Annual General Meeting, AGM in Accra, the President of the GCPCUL, Richard Acheampong said their target was to respond appropriately to the financial needs of the members whilst maintaining the expected cooperative identity.

He hinted this portal that they have registered members who are registered Pharmaceutical Association of Ghana and non-pharmaceutical professional working with the pharmaceutical industries or related institutions.

Mr. Acheampong said these persons could be working with institutions like Food and Drugs Authority, FDA, Pharmaceutical Council of Ghana amongst others.

He further explained that the families of the members who are Pharmacists are accepted and those who are health related workers, and outsiders who are not health related professionals they must be introduced by a member considering qualities of the person like honesty, integrity, professionalism amongst others.

In a related issue, the President of the Ghana Co-operative Pharmacists’ Credit Union Limited (GCPCUL) hinted the credit Union considers community development as part their values, hence their moto is, “In Our Hands, You Are Safe”.

Speaking to National Tymes the Managing Consultant at CDC Financial Consult Limited, Ernest Senyo Dzandu advised parents and schools to teach the children the culture of savings at the primary levels for them to grow with it.

Mr. Senyo Dzanku expressed the view that if children are imbibed with such culture of savings at their age in the school would help them and the national as a whole.

He posited Ghanaians must cultivate the attitude of saving and desist from the culture of borrowing in order to become financially independent.

According to him, those who lack savings culture attribute their problem to low income, adding that others also put the blame on high cost of living and other commitments.

Delivering his keynote address at the GCPCUL AGM in Accra, Mr. Senyo Dzandu observed that most young Ghanaian entrepreneurs have little or no experience in managing money, therefore are forced to believe that attaining financial freedom is dependent on borrowing.

He noted that some people who have the habit of making regular savings do not have a savings goal and urged them to adopt savings plan.

By: Delali A. Awuyeh