An entrepreneur shares her experiences and challenges with the youth


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I run a fashion business, (Urban Woman Store) and I deal with ladies bags and clothing. (Retail and Wholesale)

I have always loved being independent, I guess that is the drive behind my hustle every day, and business have always been my thing starting from when I was younger. I can remember selling kerosene close to my mum’s shop back then in Nigeria, just to get myself a new bag and other school accessories every term.

I love money, and I love the act of making money no matter how stressful it might be, since it will pay at the end of day, I am in for it.

I officially went into fashion business in my second year in the university, and ever since then it’s been a beautiful paying stress for me. I actually started the business with the money I saved out of my pocket money back then in school.

 I moved my business to Ghana in 2016, I knew no one then except my sister, but i just had to take the risk because I believe in God and I totally believe in myself. Tell you what “I am glad I made that move in 2016”.


Meanwhile, I faced a lot of challenges when I moved the business to Ghana, I had to go out there with my goods to look for customers, I went to university hostels, like University of Ghana, Valley View, Ghana Christian College etc. I went to shops in Accra and Tema to sell my products. As a Nigerian, it was a little difficult for me to effectively communicate with Ghanaians then, because most of them would speak twi, and I will always have to shout “minti twi oo” meaning I don’t understand it.  But at the end of the day, i was able to blend, i started making friends and everything became much easier.

So far, By God’s grace i have been able to create good customer relationships with many Ghanaians, I have been able to get a whole lot of loyal customers who are always ready and waiting to buy my goods as soon as they are in. I am still expanding though, and I also have other businesses in mind to incorporate to Urban Woman


Determination brought me this far, and as an entrepreneur I have learnt that passion for what we do is a force on its own. Once you have passion for what you do, you will be unstoppable.